Daredevil star Charlie Cox doesn’t want to be the next James Bond

Charlie Cox in Treason and Daniel Craig as James BondSony/Netflix

Charlie Cox, who plays Daredevil in the MCU, has already ruled himself out from playing the next James Bond.

Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond came to a heartbreaking end in No Time To Die, his fifth movie after 15 years in the tux.

Speculation over who’ll take over as 007 has been rife ever since Craig announced his departure from the role, with the likes of Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, and Idris Elba all being thrown around as contenders (even though they’re too old at this point).

One name that hasn’t came up much is Charlie Cox, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Man Without Fear – however, he isn’t interested in taking on the world’s favorite secret agent.

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Charlie Cox won’t be the next James Bond

In a new interview with Metro ahead of the release of Treason, his new MI6 thriller series on Netflix, Cox addresses the James Bond speculation and quickly put any suggestions of him playing the character to bed.

“I’m not right for it. And also, now I think if anything Treason rules me out even more because I’ve kind of done it – it’s almost too close to home,” he said.

“I don’t think so. I’m vaguely aware that there’s lots of conversation around it, and every time I’m aware of someone who’s in conversation, I genuinely think, ‘Yeah, they’d be much better than I would.’

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“Not that it wouldn’t be a huge honour, but with my ongoing Marvel contract and those projects that I’m doing, I get to scratch my James Bond itch a little bit, pretty much.”

After the cancelation of Daredevil on Netflix following Season 3, Cox made his Marvel comeback in Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk, and he’ll star in his own super-sized Disney+ series with Daredevil: Born Again. He’s also rumored to appear in Spider-Man 4.

“I get to be in a suit and run around and have the day-to-day interesting life as a lawyer and someone who’s trying to do good and I do get a lot of pseudo spy stuff. I’ve got my own secrets that I can’t tell anyone, and I get to jump off buildings in spandex and stuff. So I’m pretty happy with that,” Cox added.

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Treason hits Netflix on December 26. You can find out more about Daredevil: Born Again here and Bond 26 here.