Daredevil gets a hallway fight in She-Hulk, and fans are losing their minds


Daredevil just fought through a hallway of thugs during his She-Hulk episode, and fans are absolutely loving the homage to Matt Murdock’s Netflix series.

Daredevil got a hallway fight in each season of his Netflix show, the spectacular brawls becoming something of a hallmark for the series.

The Season 1 scene played out in a corridor during Episode 2, and found Daredevil battering a bunch of Russian thugs in a sequence reminiscent of a similar scene in Oldboy.

The Season 2 fight kicked off in a hallway during Episode 3, then progressed to a stairwell, with Matt Murdock battling gang members with a gun and chain as he makes his way down.

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The Season 3 brawl was in a prison during Episode 4, and featured Daredevil warring with both prisoners and guards in what appeared to be an unbroken 12-minute take that left the audience breathless.

What happens in the She-Hulk hallway scene?

You can read out full run-down and review of the new She-Hulk episode here, but the scene in question comes late in proceedings, when the villainous Leap-Frog has kidnapped fashion designer Luke Jacobson, and She-Hulk and Daredevil team up to hunt him down.

The dynamic duo make it to his Lilypad lair, where 25 goons are waiting for them. Daredevil sneaks in the side for stealth, then hits the first goon from above, before attacking the rest on ground-level. They fire arrows at him, but Daredevil effortlessly defeats the crew.

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Back-up is then sent in, and just as Daredevil is about to engage, She-Hulk drops through the ceiling, knocking them out before looking Matt in the eyes and quipping, “She-Hulk Smash!”

What are fans saying about the corridor fight?

In terms of fighting, the scene has nothing on its predecessors. But She-Hulk isn’t about action, and the scene is really there for the title character to undercut Daredevil’s bravado. But that hasn’t stopped viewers from losing their collective minds over the brief sequence.

One fan was impressed with the hallway homage…

Another nearly cried…

While this fan was loving the fact that She-Hulk – rather than Daredevil – saves the day.

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The Daredevil hallway joy was all over social media, with this Tweet calling it “amazing” and stating that the hallway fight means “we stay winning.”

While The Geeky Peep was all about the legacy of the hallway fight. And with new series Daredevil: Born again about to shoot, don’t be surprized if this new MCU iteration of the character embraces that legacy, by filling the series with corridor battles.

She-Hulk Episode 9 will be available to stream next week. You can sign up to Disney+ here.