Creed 3 ending explained: How climax sets up Creed 4

Jonathan Majors as Damian Anderson in Creed 3.MGM

Creed 3 is in cinemas now, meaning it’s time to examine the film’s ending, and how that might lead into the events of any potential Creed 4.

Creed III is punching up a storm in cinemas worldwide, and viewers now know how the film’s climactic fight ends, along with what that might mean for the future of the franchise.

Michael B. Jordan – who makes his directorial debut with the movie, as well as starring – has already said he’s interested in expanding the Creed franchise.

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And that could happen via Creed IV. After all, Rocky IV was one of the most successful movies in the series that Creed spun off from, so why not? We’re going to detail the film’s climax to discuss that future however, so if you haven’t seen Creed III yet, BEWARE OF SPOILERS AHEAD

What happens at the end of Creed 3?

At the end of Creed 3, Adonis Creed defeats his opponent Damian Anderson. It’s a long, tense build-up to that climactic boxing match. Donny and Dame had been childhood friends, but then Dame went to prison, and Donny forgot about him. The film then revolves around Damian’s efforts to exact revenge on his old pal, by taking his belts, then defeating him in the ring.

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Their fight is dubbed ‘The Battle of Los Angeles,’ and lasts for around 10 minutes in the movie. In our review of Creed III, we wrote: “It’s a good fight, the opponents trading brutal blows that are informed by years of pain; each strike carrying real weight. But it never reaches the dizzy heights of the classic Rocky and Creed bouts. Something that isn’t helped by some stylistic decisions that add visual pizzazz to the brawl, but ultimately lessen its impact.”

While it’s close, Adonis ultimately defeats Damian, meaning “the Creed dynasty reigns supreme.”

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How does Creed 3 potentially set up Creed 4?

Creed 3 potentially sets up Creed 4 via the twin storylines of Damian Anderson and Amara Creed.

After their fight, Adonis and Damian speak in the changing room. The pair apologise to each other and seem to forgive. But the Rocky and Creed movies love a rematch, and we’re not convinced Dame is ready to forget their past just yet. So when Adonis says: “You know where to find me if you need to,” there’s a good chance that Dame will contact Donnie for that sequel fight.

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As for Amara, she is Adonis and Bianca’s young daughter, played by Mila Davis-Kent. Early in the film she gets in trouble for fighting, and later Daddy teaches daughter some boxing skills and technique. The film ends with Adonis and Amara play-fighting in the ring, and Amara knocking him down and taking his belt. Is this foreshadowing what’s to come for the young Creed? Will Adonis end up managing her to a successful boxing career?

We’ll only know as-and-when Creed IV is announced, but rest assured that will be covered here.

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In the meantime, you can read our review of Creed III here, an explanation of why Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa isn’t in the movie can be found here, news of any post-credit scenes is here, while our list of the greatest boxing movies of all-time can be read here.

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