Cobra Kai creators confirm Season 5 is “not the end”

An image of Daniel LaRusso in Cobra KaiNetflix

Cobra Kai co-creators Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz have confirmed plans for Season 6, amid their claims that Season 5 isn’t the end of the show.

Cobra Kai returns once more in September this year, marking a milestone fifth season for the acclaimed Netflix show. When the show began life on YouTube Red, we don’t think anyone could have predicted its immense success.

While the show has introduced plenty of fresh angles on the ‘Miyagiverse’, Cobra Kai’s creators are adamant there are still more vibrant stories to tell, as they confirm Season 5 is far away from a conclusion.

Cobra Kai Season 6 is a possibility: “The Miyagiverse is far from finished”

Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz, part of the collaborative trio behind Cobra Kai alongside Hayden Schlossberg, had both spoken out about the future of the Netflix show in September 2021.

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Hurwitz previously said during the planning of the upcoming season that “we are definitely writing towards an endgame, which will hopefully be beyond Season 5.”

Hurwitz also stated in July that “all I can say is that we expect more Cobra Kai to come and that the Miyagiverse is far from finished.”

Heald, speaking with Screen Rant in December 2021, elaborated on this too: “We have more beyond Season 5. We are not writing to the end of the series in Season 5 right now.”

The co-creator continued, saying: “In our minds, it’s crazy to believe how far ahead of the story we are than what the audience has seen so far.”

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“Season 5 is another enormous season with a lot of new flavors and a lot of things that you haven’t seen before yet on the show. And it’s not the end.”

Now, Hurwitz has offered a fresh update on the next season: “Season 6 has not yet been written. Will get on that after filming Obliterated, but lots of kickass ideas already percolating!”

The wait for Season 6 might be longer than the gaps between Season’s 4 and 5 respectively, but we’re thrilled to know that more Cobra Kai is coming to our TV screens.