Castaway Diva: Ki-ho’s full backstory revealed

Chae Jong-hyeop in Castaway Diva as Ki-ho/Bo-geoltvN

The biggest mystery of Castaway Diva was whether Ki-ho was Bo-geol or Woo-hak. As more secrets are revealed, so is what happened to Ki-ho and his family when they were younger.

Fans finally learned Bo-geol was Ki-ho all along. But why keep it a secret from Mok-ha. The first episodes of the K-drama revealed how Ki-ho and Mok-ha developed a bond as they both were being mistreated by their fathers. When Mok-ha went overboard trying to escape her father and later landed on the deserted island, fans were eager to know what happened to Ki-ho.

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Castaway Diva had Mok-ha eagerly searching for details about him, but all that was said was that he was living a happy life. But Ki-ho’s father was still after him and wanted to reunite his family. It was soon revealed that Ki-ho, his mother, and his brother changed their identities to stay safe from him.

The K-drama explains the full details of how Ki-ho and his family went into hiding. Also why reclaiming their names put them in danger.

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Ki-ho explains how he found his mother in Castaway Diva

Between Episodes 7 and 8, fans learn Ki-ho’s mother fell in love with a civil servant who helped them take the identities of a missing family, and how Ki-ho escaped his father.

Woo-hak (Bong-wan) soon learns from Bo-geol (Ki-ho) that he protected his brother from his father. Taking on the full force of being hit with a chair, Woo-hak went into a coma. He awoke having no memories of his past. But Castaway Diva soon explains how their mother manages to escape her husband with Woo-hak, and how Ki-ho later joined them.

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In Castaway Diva Episode 7, Woo-hak asks his technical stepfather for more details about what happened after he lost his memories. His father explains he met their mother at his former workplace in Woldo-eup. He was a civil servant known for his diligence and kindness. Their mother walked in wanting information on how to legally change someone’s name without someone knowing.

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He became enamored at first sight and chased after her to help after realizing why she needed the information. Knowing a family had gone missing, he found a way to protect her and her two sons. They took the missing families’ identities and started a new life.

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In Castaway Diva Episode 8, what happened to Ki-ho is revealed. While Bong-wan was in a coma, their father was transferred to a new police station on Chunsam Island. As the town had no big hospital to look over Bong-wan, only Ki-ho went with his father. Ki-ho’s mother urgently tells him not to provoke his father.

She hands him a wad of rolled cash and tells Ki-ho to run away in the Spring without his father knowing. By then she would have found a way to protect her sons. Ki-ho will be able to find her by the address she will write on the back of a mailbox outside the bus station. Time passed and Ki-ho kept getting caught trying to run away. After losing Mok-ha, Ki-ho ran away that summer. He followed the address to a chicken restaurant and reunited with his mother.

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Ki-ho also learns that Bong-wan has no memories of his past and could live his life not remembering the mistreatment. Ki-ho, Bong-wan, their mother, and stepfather move on in secret to live a happier life. Every year, even through military service, Ki-ho would wait at the train station for Mok-ha.

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