Canceled Tomb Raider film sequel leaks reveal Croft Manor infiltration sequence

Tomb Raider sequel leaksWarner Bros

Storyboard leaks for the now canceled Tomb Raider sequel film have been posted online, with the images detailing a raid scene at Croft Manor.

At the end of July 2022, it was revealed the Tomb Raider films would once again be getting rebooted following MGM losing the rights to the movie franchise. Following this news, details about the scrapped Tomb Raider sequel starring Alicia Vikander have begun to emerge online.

The latest set of leaks to be revealed are a series of storyboards detailing a scene from the film that would have taken place at Croft manor, the home of Lara Croft.

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The sequence shows a moment from the film in which Croft’s manor would have been infiltrated by a group of masked figures, with Lara Croft fighting back against the perpetrators.

Much of the 2018 Tomb Raider took place on the island of Yamatai and loosely followed the events of the first game of the recent Tomb Raider Trilogy. Given this, it is unclear if the next Tomb Raider film will be a reworking of this narrative or take Lara on a completely fresh journey.

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The context of this storyboard is also unknown — this sequence could have been a flashback or a central moment of the film. The leaks do mirror a moment from one of the recent Tomb Raider games, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, however.

And while the Tomb Raider films will now be getting a reboot, the game also finds itself in a similar position. In August 2022, Tomb Raider game devs Square Enix hit Patreon with a DMCA request after a podcast leaked an early script for the game that was being used to audition voice actors to take over the role of Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider 4 game.

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The Tomb Raider franchise is one of the biggest gaming series of all time. Since the 1990s, multiple games, novels, comics and films have been created about the now iconic Lara Croft.

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