Brian Cox is happy Succession Season 4 will be the last

Brian Cox as Logan Roy in Succession Season 4HBO

Succession Season 4 will bring HBO’s award-winning series to an end – and Brian Cox is glad to see the show finish before “milking it” dry.

Since it premiered in 2018, Succession has ranked among the best television of its time, enrapturing fans with unrivaled pithiness, drama, and hilarity. Time will tell if it sticks the landing, but it could sit in the all-time echelon of TV.

Cox plays Logan Roy, the Rupert Murdoch-esque CEO of Waystar Royco who’s been grooming each of his children to take over, only to continually pull the rug from under them.

Season 3’s bombshell ending set the stage for another Roy civil war, one that’ll bring the show to a close this year. For Cox, he’s relieved it’s ending when it should.

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Why Brian Cox is glad Succession Season 4 is the end

In an interview with Variety, Cox spoke about respecting the decision to end Succession with Season 4.

“[Showrunner Jesse Armstrong] is very disciplined in that way, and also he’s very British in that way. The American inclination is to milk it for all it’s worth,” he said.

“I’ll miss the cast, I’ll miss the atmosphere, I’ll miss the bonhomie. Logan, probably, I’ll miss a bit. But upward and onwards.”

Speaking to The New Yorker, Armstrong explained his decision to bring the series to a close, and it’s quite simple: “You know, there’s a promise in the title of Succession.

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“I’ve never thought this could go on forever. The end has always been kind of present in my mind. From Season 2, I’ve been trying to think: Is it the next one, or the one after that, or is it the one after that?”

After sitting down with his team of writers in 2021, they “played out various scenarios” in how the show could end. They opted for “something a bit more muscular and complete, and go out sort of strong. And that was definitely always my preference,” Armstrong said.

Succession Season 4 will premiere on March 26, 2023. Find out more about the upcoming season here.

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