Brett Goldstein doesn’t know his MCU future after Thor: Love and Thunder cameo

Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent in Ted LassoApple TV+

Brett Goldstein “knows nothing” about his future in the MCU after his post-credits cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Some may remember him as Hannah’s boyfriend Tom in Derek. Others will know him as the host of the Films To Be Buried With podcast. Most will love him as the sweary, growling captain of Richmond FC in Ted Lasso.

Goldstein’s career has shifted into a higher gear in recent years. His performance as Roy Kent landed him his first Emmy in 2021, followed by another nomination this year, and he recently made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Thor: Love and Thunder’s post-credits scene.

Will we be seeing more of him in Phase Five of the MCU? Has he been cast in the next Thor movie? Don’t ask Goldstein, because he’s as clueless as we are.

Spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder to follow…

Who does Brett Goldstein play in the MCU?

In Thor’s post-credits scene, Russell Crowe’s Zeus complains about people’s lack of respect for gods these days, instead revering superheroes. Earlier in the film, Thor impaled him with his own lightning bolt.

He says: “They don’t ask us for rain. They just want to see one of their so-called superheroes. When did we become the joke? No. No, they will fear us again, when Thor Odinson falls from the sky. Do you understand me, Hercules?”

At this point, the scene cuts to Goldstein’s Hercules holding his club, who replies: “Yes, father.”

Brett Goldstein “knows nothing” about MCU future after Thor: Love and Thunder

Given Hercules is Thor’s rival in the comics, one would expect to see them tussle in a future Thor movie. However, Goldstein is out of the MCU loop just like everyone else.

While appearing at a Ted Lasso FYC event, he told Variety: “I truly, honestly – this isn’t me lying or being coy – I know nothing. All I know is what I did that day and that’s it. That could be it. It was a fun three seconds.”

Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso, who's reportedly set to star as Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder.Apple TV+
Brett Goldstein appeared as Thor’s rival Hercules.

His co-star Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca Walton in the show, recalled Goldstein confiding in her over whether he should take the Marvel role.

She told him: “Are you mental? Are you actually having a little bit of a moment? You’re seriously thinking that you might not play Hercules?”

Goldstein then didn’t tell her that he’d chosen to do it. “So everyone was like ‘Brett Goldstein! Brett Goldstein!’ And I was like, ‘You cheeky bastard’,” she added.

Thor: Love and Thunder is in cinemas now.