Blade MCU movie “paused” after director exit so Marvel “can get it right”

Mahershali Ali will star as Blade20th Century Studios

Marvel has “paused” development on its Blade MCU movie after its director exited the project.

Blade was originally set to be directed by Mogul Mowgli’s Bassam Tariq, but he dropped out due to “continued shifts in our production schedule”, Marvel said in a statement.

While the filmmaker is remaining attached to the movie as an executive producer, an active search is underway for someone else to helm Blade’s big-screen debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After reports of Mahershala Ali being “frustrated” with the film, it has now been paused by the studio until a director is found and the project is in better shape to move forward.

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Marvel pauses Blade movie after director leaves movie

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel has put Blade on hold following Tariq’s exit.

It’s “temporarily shutting down production-related activities in Atlanta, where the project was to have shot starting in November, while it conducts a search for a filmmaker and further develops it,” the outlet wrote.

A source also told the publication: “They really want to get it right.”

The studio is said to be aiming for production to resume in 2023 – however, Blade currently has a release date set for November 3, 2023, so if it’s not a tight turnaround, fans can expect some sort of delay.

This follows Jeff Sneider reporting a number of issues on the set of Blade. “I’m told that the current BLADE script is roughly 90 pages and features exactly TWO (lackluster) action sequences,” he alleged.

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“Mahershala said to be very frustrated with the process. Feige said to be spread too thin. But hey, that’s just what sources are telling me. Don’t shoot the messenger.”

The Witcher’s Beau DeMayo has reportedly been tasked with revising the script in the meantime, with rumors the film is set to take place over multiple decades.

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