Bizarre Mortal Kombat Ultra Girls kids show reportedly leaked

Michael Gwilliam
MK Ultra girls

A Redditor who claims to work for Warner Bros has leaked what they claim to a Mortal Kombat kids cartoon that was canceled by the company.

Mortal Kombat isn’t exactly what many would consider a family-friendly game franchise. It’s notorious for its gore that captivated audiences in the 90s and was one of the games responsible for the creation of the ESRB.

Now, it would seem like Warner Bros tried to market the game to kids in the form of a strange animated show supposedly dubbed Mortal Kombat Ultra Girls.

Taking to the Mortal Kombat subreddit, user KeyConstruction8 outlined that the show would have consisted of 52 episodes at about 11 minutes each.

Mortal Kombat kids cartoon
Could Mortal Kombat really work as a kid’s show?

“WB got cold feet and we don’t know if this will actually get released or entirely finished. Most of the boards and voices are done but not the last half of eps animation. We have 26 done and want them out,” the user wrote.

According to the Redditor, the original executives who greenlit the project have left and the new ones may shelve the title out of fear of backlash from fans and parents.

“MKUG spawned from a higher-up who was [adamant] that the franchise is marketable beyond extreme violence,” they further explained. “It worked for the 1990s movie. He grew up with stuff like Robocop and the Rambo cartoons, so they saw the potential with merchandising.”

MK Ultra girls
According to the leaker, MK Ultra Girls may be canceled.

Supposedly, a typical episode would have centered around a new student, Cassie Cage and her friends, Jackie Briggs, and Frost. Eventually, they’d get into Shaolin Showdown style challenges with opposing school factions.

“There’s a lot of gallows-type humor that pushes PG. We had a lot of freedom on this. But no blood or guns,” the leaker revealed. “The MK Ultra title pun was intentional with this show’s humor. WB loves that humor.”

The leaker also showed off some screenshots of the show and they seem absolutely wild.

Of course, take all this with a grain of salt as it could all be an elaborate troll, but this certainly sounds like one of the craziest kids cartoons in recent memory and only time will tell if it ever actually sees the light of day.