Barry Season 4 Episode 6: Who does Bill Burr play?

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Who does Bill Burr play in Barry Season 4? In Episode 6, you may hear a voice that sounds a little familiar – so what is Bill Burr’s role in the show?

In our review, we wrote: “This is the strongest episode of Barry’s final season to date; pacy, revelatory, and absolutely terrifying.”

Last week, Bill Hader pulled the rug from under us and booted us eight years into the future. Barry and Sally, now known as Clark and Emily to those around them, are living in their own fortress of solitude, i.e. a lone house in the desert surrounded by nothing but dust and tumbleweeds.

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Their sanity-draining life in hiding hits a major bump with the return of Gene Cousineau, who’s seemingly consulting on a Barry Berkman biopic for Warner Bros – so, where does Bill Burr come in, and who does he play? Spoilers to follow…

Who does Bill Burr play in Barry?

Bill Burr plays Pastor Nick St. Angelo, the host of a religious podcast Barry listens to while he drives to Gene’s house to kill him.

Barry listens to several podcasts on his journey to LA, likely as a result of Sally trying to guilt-trip him over his plan to murder Gene. But he’s not looking for guidance – he just wants an excuse or any tidbit that justifies the killing of another person.

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In an interview with The Wrap, Hader opened up about Barry’s podcasts, explaining: “Yeah that’s his journey of ‘Is it a sin?’ You know, ‘Now I’m this guy but my old self used to sin,’ so again it’s less about religion to me and more about you can find anything on the internet, whatever your view is.

“It’s just him actually searching things that are correct, murder is a sin, and he’s gotta go down the wormhole to find this ex-hockey player who’s somehow a pastor. That’s Bill Burr by the way, he’s Pastor Nick.”

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There’s two other pastors in the episode, one of whom is voiced by the show’s composer Dave Wingo, and the other is played by Saturday Night Live’s James Austin Johnson.

“That kind of came late in the episode actually. Barry doesn’t have a lot to do. In the episode initially, he just kind of drives up, shows up, and then he’s just kind of following Cousineau around. We thought it’d be nice if she says that and that sticks with him and he’s like, ‘Wait, is that a sin?’ He’s not that bright, but he can find something that validates his feelings. It’s the same thing as looking up the baseball stuff,” Hader added.

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