Avatar: The Way of Water is returning to IMAX for one day

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Avatar: The Way of Water will return to IMAX theaters for one day to commemorate Earth Day. Let’s get it done.

James Cameron’s dreamy, epic sequel was worth the 13-year wait. It was an absolute smash hit; critics loved it, general audiences flocked to see it over and over again, and it became the highest-grossing movie of 2022 by a huge margin. Its staunchest cynics are probably still screaming into a pillow.

Just like the first movie, The Way of Water was recognized as a must-see cinematic event by everyday moviegoers. It is a top-to-bottom big-screen movie, and while some studios churn out slop (cough cough, Ant-Man 3), each and every frame of Avatar 2 is crafted with precise passion and a will to blow your mind.

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If you’re like us and still trying to cure those post-Pandora blues, we’ve got some good news: the sequel is returning to IMAX for one day only.

Avatar: The Way of Water is coming back to IMAX for Earth Day

Avatar: The Way of Water will be available in IMAX theaters on April 21 to mark Earth Day this weekend.

The screenings will exclusively be IMAX 3D, and you can find showtimes and buy tickets here. Also, if you’re in Los Angeles, the Lighthouse Art Space is hosting an “immersive experience” showcasing art from the movie. Tickets are free, but you’ll need to be quick as they’re nearly sold out.

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The Avatar franchise’s connection to Earth Day is obvious: both movies stood firmly on the side of conservation and showed how humans destroy the natural world, with the sequel honing in on our treatment of the planet’s seas and oceans.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Cameron said he hoped the film would inspire people and make them “feel connected to the ocean, and maybe that makes them think a little bit.”

“I’m not saying just send 10 bucks to Greenpeace. I’m talking about how we can work together to conserve this wonderful, beautiful, amazing thing that we have right here on planet Earth. We don’t have to go to Alpha Centauri to see a cool ocean,” he added.

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Avatar: The Way of Water is also available to buy and rent on VOD, and you can find out more about the movie’s streaming release here. You can also check out the best way to watch it here.

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