Avatar 3 casts Game of Thrones star as “fire tribe” leader

Oona Chaplin and concept art for Avatar 320th Century Studios/HBO

A former Game of Thrones star has joined the cast of Avatar 3 as the leader of the Na’vi fire tribe.

Fools far and wide doubted Avatar: The Way of Water. They claimed the first one made “no cultural impact” and nobody cared enough to see a sequel.

How deeply wrong they were: Avatar 2 is the fourth-biggest movie of all time, outgrossing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Infinity War, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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It’s full steam ahead for James Cameron on the Avatar sequels, with the third movie set to introduce a fire tribe who’ll show the “bad” side of the Na’vi.

Game of Thrones star joins Avatar 3 cast

Oona Chaplin has joined the Avatar 3 cast as Varang, “leader of the more evil, fire-themed Na’vi tribe known as the Ash People, which will be at the crux of the third installment,” as per Deadline.

Chaplin, who’s also the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, previously played Talisa Maegyr in Game of Thrones and recently starred in Netflix’s Treason alongside Charlie Cox.

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Speaking to Empire, producer Jon Landau said: “There are good humans and there are bad humans. It’s the same thing on the Na’vi side.

“Oftentimes, people don’t see themselves as bad. What is the root cause of how they evolve into what we perceive as bad? Maybe there are other factors there that we aren’t aware of.”

Landau also teased a “big time jump” in Avatar 4, before the fifth movie sets course for Earth, with the planet burdened by “over-population and a depletion of our natural resources that make life harder.”

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However, the franchise’s goal isn’t to paint a bleak picture for where our world is going… the films are also about the idea that we can change course.”

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