Another Walking Dead character could return with Maggie in S10 finale

. 2 years ago
Maggie in the walking dead season 10

The Walking Dead Season 10 finale is one of the most highly anticipated episodes in recent memory. Maggie Greene is already confirmed to return, but she might not be the only one coming back. 

AMC’s popular drama series has been on a surprisingly steady incline since its lead protagonist Rick Grimes disappeared in Season 9. Since then, it’s recorded an average of 5.4 million viewers per episode, with a rating of 1.9 among its core audience – as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. 

A big part of that success has been the interesting feud between survivors and Whisperers. These monsters dress up as walkers to hide in plain sight, making them even more dangerous than the usual enemies they encounter.

With all of that going on, and certainly a lack of safety around Hilltop and The Kingdom, it might not seem like the most ideal time for characters to reappear.

Maggie return confirmed for Season 10 finale

She previously featured in an official teaser for the finale, which saw her reading a letter informing her of Jesus’ passing. He was killed in Season 9 by the Whisperers in a dramatic graveyard scene, as fans will remember.

Maggie hasn’t been seen on the show since episode five of Season 9, where she apparently fled alongside mysterious figure Georgie.

Hershel could return in the Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan – the actress who plays Maggie – has teased another potential return as well: Her son, Hershel.

Speaking on a Walking Dead panel, Cohan said:  “I want to meet little Hershel! I’m so excited.”

The time skip that the show experienced after the mid-season finale during Season 9 mixed things up. Since then, we’ve seen Rick’s daughter, Judith Grimes (played by Cailey Fleming), grow up and become a main figure of the story.

Hershel baby Walking Dead
Hershel was just a baby when Maggie left the group in The Walking Dead.

Now it looks like Maggie’s kid could also join her.

“I feel really excited because Cailey is so good that whoever we find for Hershel, and pairing them together, is going to result in some really illuminating conversation.”

“So on all those levels, like meeting people and seeing everything the writers create for these kids.”

Based on those comments, it looks all but confirmed that Hershel will have a part to play in The Walking Dead in the near future. The Season 10 finale would be a fitting way to make an entrance, but we’ll have to wait and see what they’ve got up their sleeve.

The Walking Dead Season 10 finale airs this October.

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