Andor Season 2 confirms timeline of new episodes

Diego Luna as Cassian AndorLucasfilm

Andor Season 2, the second and final chapter of the Star Wars prequel series, will take place over the course of four years – and now we know how that timeline will be divided across the last episodes.

Andor has the privilege and curse of being one of the best things Star Wars has ever produced. It makes other shows in the franchise look paltry in comparison, and it now has an immense, rushing stream of hype flowing towards its second season.

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The first season unfolded over the course of a single year, showing us the earlier days of Cassian’s life and how he met Luthen and joined the Rebellion.

Now, as the Empire begins assembling the Death Star, we’ll see the years leading up to that fateful meeting on the Ring of Kafrene that led to the Rebellion’s most heroic, tragic feat.

Andor Season 2 timeline will be split into yearly blocks

When the next season arrives – its release window was revealed during the Star Wars Celebration panel – there’ll be 12 episodes, with every three episodes taking place over a year. The whole show is within a five-year timeframe, and we have four years left to explore.

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Dexerto attended the panel, where showrunner Tony Gilroy said: “It took him [Cassian] a year and he climbed up out of a ditch and went through an incredible number of life experiences… he’s joined the Rebellion – we’re never going back on that – and he’s a committed member now.

“We will now track him and the other characters over the next four years. When we come back it will be a year later,” he added, before confirming the final scene will see Cassian heading to the Ring of Kafrene, where we first met him in Rogue One.

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“We’re taking you right to that moment… we’re going to let you know how he got there, what it cost him, the power of the journey… there’s something very special about where he ends up. We will hopefully pay off and stick the emotional landing.”

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