Andor Episode 6 review: This is the best Star Wars show

A still from Andor Episode 6Disney+

Andor Episode 6 is Star Wars like you’ve never seen it before; a nail-biting spectacle where all bets are off, with no punches pulled nor any expense spared in executing its long-awaited heist.

In the immortal words of Captain Holt, “it’s heist time.”

Following the opening three-episode block of Andor, we’ve been anticipating the Rebel Alliance’s first strike against the Empire: a plan to steal an Imperial base’s entire quarterly payroll.

There’s no Baby Yoda, no concealed Easter egg, no major reveal. These Rebels want one thing: the cripple the force that rules over them, or at the very least, to feel the hopelessness of the back foot.

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Spoilers for Andor Episode 6 to follow…

Andor Episode 6: It’s heist time

We pick up on the crest of the heist, with Cassian (Diego Luna) sitting in the mist of the mountains with his squad, while Vel (Faye Marsay) and Cinta (Varada Sethu) camp out near the base.

Nemik (Alex Lawther) is anxious about the heist and his lack of sleep, but Cassian assures him the excitement will kick in. They chat about the role of mercenaries, and Nemik suggests Cassian isn’t as passionate about “freedom, independence, and justice” – but with a coldness in his voice, he replies: “Do I look thankful to you.”


Skeen (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) also makes a curious reveal to Cassian: Taramyn (Gershwyn Eustache Jnr.) was once a stormtrooper, and it’s why he “loves giving orders.”

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Meanwhile, a group of pilgrims known as the Dhanis are arriving at the Empire base in time for the Eye, the celestial event described in previous episodes. While Commandant Jayhold Beehaz (Stanley Townsend) talks about them like a rotten stench, Lieutenant Gorn (Sule Rimi) watches on with barely a smile, knowing their ignorance is about to be punished.

Andor Episode 6: The best direction in the show yet

Episode 6 may be the longest installment in the series to date, but it barrels along with a tight pace: Cassian and his squad pose as soldiers to enter the base, while Vel and Cinta swim and cling to the walls like limpets, all while the Eye begins overhead. In one striking shot, a meteorite soars over the duo’s paddling silhouette, with the noise of its whooshing muffled ever-so-slightly by the water.

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This is a smart heist that refuses to cheapen itself with easier thrills: the small, suspicious glances from other troops; Vel and Cinta’s chest-clutched silence, followed by a stunt that wouldn’t be out of place in a Christopher Nolan film; and Cassian, Nemik, and the others side-eyeing each other before getting into the base, where they can finally drop their guise and hold the Commandant, his wife, and child hostage.

Cinta quickly proves herself to be the most clinical of the lot, leaping round a corner and shooting a soldier dead when they threaten the mission. Sethu’s performance isn’t one built on words, but her presence is undeniable.

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As the heist progresses, Cassian’s past monologue comes to mind: “They’re so pleased with themselves.” Every step of the way, the Empire proves itself to be ill-equipped to deal with an insurgence, and it’s all down to indifferent arrogance.

Andor Episode 6: Strap in for the best 15 minutes of Star Wars in a long time

The last 15 minutes are among the most beautiful and shocking in all of Star Wars. Andor’s admirable resistance to CGI over practical filmmaking pays off here; after being conditioned to the grit of a real mountainside, the meteorites ripping across the sky are jaw-dropping.


Even with the mission classed as a success, the collateral damage is immense: Taramyn and Gorn die at the base, Nemik gets his back crushed in the Eye flight, and Cassian kills Skeen when he reveals his plans to steal the credits and find sanctuary on a distant moon. Yet, even with those blows, the episode ends on a high note, with Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) seeing the rippling unrest in the Senate, and Luthen (Stellan Skarsgård) letting out a well-deserved laugh and exhale upon hearing the news.

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Time will tell whether the show indulges the fans searching for shallower meaning. For now, one thing matters: Andor isn’t just good – it’s phenomenal, and Episode 6 illustrates every reason why.

Andor Episode 7 will be available to watch on October 19. You can sign up for Disney+ here.