Andor creator addresses if Kino Loy died in Episode 10

Kino Loy in AndorDisney+

Did Kino Loy die in the last episode of Andor? Well, the show’s creator has now addressed viewers’ concerns about Andy Serkis’ fan-favorite character.

Episode 10 wasn’t just the best episode of Andor yet – it was one of the best things Star Wars has ever produced, regardless of whether it’s on a big or small screen.

It followed Cassian (Diego Luna) and Kino (Serkis) as they executed their escape from the Narkina 5 prison, overpowering the guards and eventually reaching the sea.

As we know, the episode had a tragic endnote for Kino Loy – but is he dead, and will we see him again? Andor’s showrunner has since responded.

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Is Kino Loy dead in Andor?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tony Gilroy spoke about Andor Episode 10 – and more specifically, what happened to Kino Loy.

In the episode, the prisoners reach a doorway looking out to the ocean, with no route of escape other than leaping out into the water and swimming to the nearest shore. This is fine for everyone… except Kino.

“I can’t swim,” he says to Cassian as he’s pushed off into the water, and it’s unclear what happens to him next. Was he executed? Did he find another way out? Did he jump and hope for the best?

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Gilroy said: “I don’t know. He’s not dead. Is he dead? I don’t see him dying.”

Also speaking to the outlet, Serkis explained how Kino not being able to swim re-contextualizes everything he does in Episode 10; he helped them all escape knowing he might not be able to join them.

“That’s exactly why I wanted him to have been from a place of integrity prior to being in prison, and that the Empire – in all its cruelty and desensitization and its way of holding people down and divide and rule – has just knocked it out of him,” he said.

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“But then in [Episode 10], he finds that desire to act on behalf of others again, to serve others, to enable others to find their freedom, even though he knows ultimately it’s not going to happen for him. So it really was a wonderful arc. It was a wonderful journey that I was able to go on with all that.”

As for whether or not he’s dead, he said with a smile: “That’s an interesting one. Who knows?”

Andor Episode 11 will be available to stream on Wednesday, November 16. You can sign up for Disney+ here.