Actor and director Kevin Smith hilariously struggles to end Twitch stream

Twitter/Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is most well-known for directing and starring in several films such as Clerks, Mallrats and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Now, he’s ventured into streaming on Twitch and the results didn’t start off so smooth.

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On Monday July 15, Smith attempted his first Twitch broadcast to talk to his fans about his upcoming film, a reboot of the cult classic Jay and Silent Bob. It seemed to go well, but when he was done, he struggled to end the stream leading to an awkward, yet hilarious couple of minutes.

“Have a great day. Bye, I’ll see you tomorrow,” Smith said as he attempted to shut the stream down.

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Whatever it was Smith was pressing wouldn’t let him end the stream though and it continued.

“Looks like it’s not letting me leave,” Smith sighed. “How do I end this? It was so smooth too.”

The struggle continued for a few moments with the filmmaker voicing his displeasure. “It won’t end! Why won’t it end? Stop it! I’m pressing the end button. It won’t end!”

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Smith’s chat was loving every second of his struggles though, showing no pity and spamming the ‘LUL’ emote endlessly.

Eventually, the Clerks director turned his camera on its side and wondered “what if I go like this?” prompting more laughter on Twitch.

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“I guess we’re just going to keep on streaming for the rest of the day… no I got to go!” as he turned the camera on his side once more and finally ended his broadcast.

It’s unclear if Smith actually could end the stream and was just playing around or if he was genuinely having difficulty.

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Smith’s reboot of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back does not yet have a release date, but production was completed on March 27, 2019.

The film stars Smith as Silent Bob/Bluntman and Jason Mewes as Jay/Chronic.