What is September 24 on TikTok? Apocalypse warning goes viral

Alec Mullins
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There have been a wealth of supposed Apocalyptic events that have popped in the advent of the internet and September 24 joins the list thanks to a German politician and a supposed cosmic accident.

The internet loves a good Doomsday prophecy and September 24 has been highlighted across the net as the potential end of the world. While all of the others, like Y2K or 11/11/11 have come and passed without incident, is seems something new has people in a buzz this time.

The combination of a speech from a German politician – which some believers say coincides with the arrival of a solar flare – will have consequences like nothing mankind has ever seen before.

While it’s all compelling on the surface, the full details of the situation paint a much tamer picture than what’s being suggested on TikTok.

TikTok users suggest that an apocalypse will occur on September 24

The primary cause of this trend seems to be an out-of-context clip of Germany’s Friedrich Merz, in which he remarks that the date is one that people will remember for a long time to come. While it’s not clear in the short video exactly what he was referring to, it has still proven to be good kindling for the fires of the internet rumor mill.

One theory that has crept up alongside this video is that a massive solar flare will increase the power of tropical cyclones that are expected on this date, which will result in a shocking amount of death as well as severe destruction in certain areas.

This seems to stem from researcher Ali Al-Rubaidi, who wrote two papers about the subject, one of which is titled “On 23 September 2022, Solar Storm anticipate to strike the earth, based on Science and the Quran.” While Al-Rubaidi’s conclusions are interesting, they’re far from definitive about the exact outcome of this event.

In his introduction box on ResearchGate, Al-Rubaidi noted that his goal is to look at science from an unconventional point-of-view. “My primary research interests are scientific mysteries in any scientific field and thinking outside the box. The objective of unveiling these secrets is to elevate people’s consciousness on the Hawkins scale.”

There’s no way to say whether his theories (or the dramatized version of them that has taken root elsewhere on the internet) will come to pass until the day of the supposed event, but there is still a chance it will fall into the pit of other forgotten doomsday predictions of the past.