Viral TikTok about tipping sparks heated debate

An image of tiktok user @aubreygracep talking about tippingTikTok: @aubreygracep

TikToker Aubrey Grace has lit the match on a fiery debate, as TikTok discusses the pros and cons of tipping in stores and restaurants.

Tipping employees in retail and food jobs can be an awkward interaction for some. Depending on which side you fall on, TikToker @aubreygracep’s divisive video has ignited the flames of TikTok commenters.

Now, TikTok users are engaged in an energetic debate, as they explore tipping etiquette.

TikTok users divided over “awkward” tipping etiquette

TikToker @aubreygracep posted her controversial video on July 8, which has since amassed over 1.5 millions views. The video in questions depicts a skit devised by Grace, in which a woman orders a beverage, only to be confronted by the option to tip her barista.

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Grace, acting as the cashier says “the iced chai will be $6.49, insert your card and it will ask you just a few little questions.” The woman ordering the beverage, who is only heard off camera, is reluctant to tip and looks through the 15%, 20% and 25% options.

Accompanying the moment is the caption ‘the awkward moment when they can see what you’re tipping’.

The brief clip, which also sports the phrase ‘the pressure to tip’, has got TikTok users caught in whether they should be tipping cashiers for their purchases.

TikTok users such as @liamz1496 have responded bluntly: “Like no, I’m not tipping on a $6 drink when you didn’t even say hello.”

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Another user, @selly_ej shared this perspective, saying “dude coffee is like $8 now. I’m not giving a tip unless they pour it directly into my mouth for me every time I need a drink.”

However, not everyone is adverse to leaving a small contribution for their purchases. TikTok user @s.kim24 added “I always tip baristas, they have to deal with a myriad of people at a fast pace and are normally really nice.”

Another highlighted the importance of tipping: “Companies should be paying there employees more. Instead baristas have to rely on tips to earn a living wage. So yes, please tip.”

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Will you tipping your barista or cashier in the future? Its certainly food for thought.