Tributes paid to TikToker Sania Khan: Photographer murdered aged 29

Sania Khan on tiktokTikTok: itssaniak

Fans have paid tribute after the tragic death of Sania Khan, who went by itssaniak/geminigirl_099 on TikTok. Khan’s ex-husband is accused of fatally shooting her before killing himself.

On July 18, police performed a well-being check on Raheel Ahmed, 36. Upon entering the property on East Ohio Street, Chicago, officers found the bodies of Sania Khan and Ahmed, both shot, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Ahmed’s family had reported him missing from his home in Atlanta, GA., and police in Alpharetta, GA., had told Chicago police that Ahmed was going through a divorce with Khan, and had traveled to “salvage the marriage.”

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Khan was pronounced dead at the scene, her death ruled a homicide. Ahmed was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he later died.

Who was Sania Khan?

A professional photographer, Khan specialized in wedding photography, and also grew a social media following, particularly on TikTok, displaying her work.

Her recent uploads from June however largely focused on the situation with her divorce, posting videos with advice and sharing the challenges of going through the procedure.

On June 14, Sania posted a video with the caption “The first few months of any divorce journey are the darkest. It’s full of anxiety, sleepless nights, wondering if you’re doing the right thing, thinking Allah abandoned you, and feeling hopeless.”

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Followers pay tribute to Sania Khan

Comments on her videos are now filled with messages from supporters, grieving her death.

“The words of encouragement you gave me when I was at my lowest will forever stick with me,” one said, “you were such a light. Rest in peace.”

“I’m beyond devastated to hear the news,” another wrote. “May Allah allow you to walk amongst the gardens of paradise.”

Originally from Tennesee, Khan had moved to Chicago two years ago, after visiting the city when working as a flight attendant.

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You can see Sania’s work as a photographer on her official website.

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