TikToker shocks viewers with insane Ho-Oh Pokemon tie-dye shirt

pokemon ho oh tie dye headerThe Pokemon Company / Vecteezy

One TikToker has stunned Pokemon fans with an incredibly elaborate tie-dye shirt featuring Ho-Oh, the Legendary bird from Gold version.

There are plenty of TikTokers who specialize in pretty niche content that has found massive success on the platform.

Thanks to their skill or the elements they blend into their projects, these TikTok creators end up reaching a fairly wide audience.

Such is the case with one TikToker who went viral after creating an insanely impressive tie-dye shirt featuring the Legendary bird Ho-Oh from Pokemon Gold & Silver.

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TikToker shows off incredible Pokemon tie-dye shirt

TikToker dysengoodvibes, also known as Austin Mackereth, went viral after posting an extremely elaborate tie-dye project featuring Pokemon.

The project featured a full-length t-shirt design centered around Generation 2’s Ho-Oh shooting a brilliant rainbow-colored beam out of its beak.

The elaborate process, which Mackereth dubbed the “Honeycomb Beam,” was a “scrunched image design” that apparently took over 16 hours and multiple sessions to fully complete.

During the first part of the tie-dye process, the TikToker laid out the basic design of Ho-Oh and filled in its primary colors, which took about “nine and a half hours of tieing and dyeing.”

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Next, the tie-dye artist shows the t-shirt intricately wrapped in strings and plastic covering in order to color specific parts of the shirt. This next portion of the project was all part of a separate session and took another seven hours.

However, the finished project is absolutely stunning, with vibrant rainbow colors framing Ho-Oh beautifully.

Viewers also seemed enamored with the shirt, as the TikTok quickly gained over 1 million views and over 201,700 likes.

Mackereth’s full profile features designs that incorporate other pop-culture media like Rick and Morty, Dragon Ball Z, and Futurama. Additionally, the tie-dye artist has also done several more Pokemon-themed shirts. Those interested in seeing more stylish creations should definitely give dyesngoodvibes a follow.

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