TikToker goes viral after Cardi B grabs his hair at festival

Cardi B performing live on stageWIKIMEDIA, FRANK SCHWICHTENBERG

A security guard went viral on TikTok after Cardi B grabbed his hair while performing at the Wireless Festival in London.

Cardi B has numerous viral TikTok and Twitter moments, thanks to her fun and outgoing personality. In 2020, the rapper cheerily reacted to Rosé from Blackpink doing the ‘WAP’ dance, a dance that was popping off on the social media app.

Just five months ago, the rapper went viral after calling out a TikToker for not showering. Her tweet which got over 87,000 likes reads “Wassup with people saying they don’t shower? It’s giving itchy.”

Her most recent viral TikTok moment was captured by a user who goes by @Officialfetch_ on the app.

The video shows a barefoot Cardi B rapping on the stage of Wireless Festival in a skimpy bodysuit, while TikToker @Officialfetch_ can be seen doing his regular job as a security guard.

The ‘WAP’ rapper then gets closer to the man, reaching out to briefly touch his hair before moving around the stage to engage with her fans.

The unexpected interaction with the TikToker clearly amused him as he was seen smiling in the viral clip, which now has over 1.6 million views. He showed his gratitude when he captioned the video “Thanks for grabbing my hair Cardi”.

Commenters were envious of the interaction, with one writing “Luckiest dude out there rn”. Another user commented “I would never wash my hair again”.

Who is the man behind the viral TikTok video?

Based on the clip alone, we know that the lucky man is a security guard, and is based in the UK, which is where the festival took place.

Prior to the viral video, Officialfletch_ was not active on the social media app, although he’s since been posting daily comedic videos.