TikToker exposes gym for owing her thousands after canceling membership

TikToker blasts gym for owing her thousandsUnsplash.com: Danielle Cerullo

A TikToker has gone viral after exposing her gym for continually charging her thousands after she canceled her gym membership.

The content creator says Planet Fitness is not letting her cancel her membership, and claims that the company owes her $3,000 for charging her after she tried to cancel her account.

In the viral video, which now has over 600,000 views, Tara Reid, a disabled TikToker, detailed her failed attempts to receive a refund from the gym.

The clip includes audio recorded at Planet Fitness, where Rule can be heard asking an employee to provide her a detailed list of all her check-ins at the gym.

She also asks for a copy of her original contract and all of her invoices, before asking the employee if there’s anything else she needs to do to cancel her membership, as she’s tried to end it a number of times, but “it hasn’t gone through.”

In a narration over the video, Rules then says “Then what we’re gonna do is file a class-action lawsuit against them. All of us.”

“Or Planet Fitness, if you want to pay me back for all the money you’ve stolen from me over the years, from a disabled person, maybe I’ll take this video down. Otherwise let’s sue Planet Fitness.” she says.

Viewers react to TikToker’s battle to cancel gym membership

A lot of viewers on TikTok related to Reid’s hectic experience with trying to cancel her Planet Fitness membership.

“I went to cancel my mom’s when she died, the man literally looked me in the face & said she would have to do it in person” one viewer commented.

“They did the exact same thing to me, they closed my club and they refused to take my cancellation because it had to come from the OG one” another viewer added.

Someone else said “I just closed my bank account when they were giving me a hard time lol.”

The TikToker said she was eventually able to get her bank to block all future charges from the gym, and refund her for the last several months, although she would still need to convince them to refund the majority.

A spokesperson for Planet Fitness, recently stated: “We can confirm that Tara’s membership has been canceled and the local franchise owner is working with her to address any further concerns.”