TikToker claims neighbor got ghosted and robbed by her date


TikToker says her neighbor was robbed and ghosted by a man she met online.

Dating in the era of apps can be scary, but usually the worst dating horror stories don’t end in a robbery.

Unfortunately, that was the case for one TikToker and her friend, whose date not only ghosted her, but also robbed her.

The woman, whose real name is Ja, shared two clips on the social media app recalling the horrifying dating disaster that her neighbor experienced.

Ja, who posts under the handle youmeandthetea, says her neighbor matched with a man on a dating app, and the two had been talking online for several months.

The man visited her eventually, and the pair went out to eat at a restaurant. According to her neighbor, her date was “super charming”.

After the second date, the neighbor invited her date to her house to spend some time together in her backyard pool.

“I think that maybe she just let her guard down. Maybe also she just got good vibes so she brings him home” Ja said in the clip.

After enjoying a fun night at her place, the man slept over at her neighbor’s house.

The neighbor woke up at 2am, realizing that her date was not sleeping beside her. When she started walking through her house looking for him, only to find her front door wide open.

That’s when the neighbor noticed that her diamond ring, which was given to her by her late mother, was not on her nightstand where put it the night before. Her luxury handbags along with other items from her daughter’s room were missing too.

The neighbor explained to Ju what had just happened, and asked her if she could use any of her home security camera footage to submit as part of a police report.

Unfortunately, the footage was “super grainy” according to Ja, and she’s not sure if it can be used to confirm anything.

The man apparently gave Ja’s neighbor a fake name, but luckily, the name was close enough to his real name that she was able to find the man in Arizona by digging around online.

“In Arizona, he has a rap sheet, like, a mile long of basically conning people. He’s a straight-up con artist, and this is just like what he does. This is how he makes his living.” the TikToker said.

The police have yet to locate the man, and according to Ja, her neighbor is planning to move.