‘Karen’ calls cops on TikToker for relaxing on her lawn

Lawrence Scotti
TikTok: @smitttttybackup

A TikToker has gone viral for getting the cops called on them by a ‘Karen’ for sitting in a pool floaty on her own front lawn.

‘Karens’ have gone viral dozens of times on the video-sharing platform from doing everything like ruining a wedding with a lawnmower to allegedly assaulting a TikToker in their car.

The ‘Karen’ trope has become popular in recent years and has led to some of the most viral content across the internet.

Now, we have another on our hands, this time for calling somebody for sitting on their own front lawn.

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TikTok has rapidly become one of the most popular social media apps.

TikToker gets cops called on her by ‘Karen’

Paige Smith, known as @smitttttybackup on TikTok, posted a video that went massively viral on June 26.

In the video, Paige can be seen eating food and sitting in a pool floaty. As she sits in the floaty, a woman stomps behind her in flip-flops and seemingly videotapes her as she walks by.

Moments later, a police officer is filmed at Paige’s house as the woman seems to have called the cops on her for sitting outside on her own property.

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The video went viral instantly, and now has over 4 million views on the video-sharing app.

One user in the comment section said, “Dang! Even her flip-flops sounded angry.”

Another made fun of the ‘Karen’ for actually calling the cops, “Officer there are these girls eating food on floaties! Arrest them.”


In a follow-up TikTok, Paige claims that the ‘Karen’ called the cops once again for Smith and her friends playing loud music in their backyard, a claim that she denied.

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Hopefully, for Paige, these two visits from the police are the only times it will happen.