Bride goes viral after controversial decision to make wedding party wear white

TikTok wedding dressTikTok: camillelescai

In a viral TikTok, a bridal party dressed in all white have their first look of the bride, who showed off her unconventional wedding dress which was a pinkish color.

For western weddings, it’s tradition for the bride to wear pure white, and for the other members of the bridal party to avoid wearing white as to not draw attention away from the bride. According to western beliefs, the color white is supposed to represent purity and virtue, symbolizing the woman’s chastity.

In a viral Tiktok, a bride chose to do the exact opposite of the traditional norms. Instead of wearing white herself, she had the rest of her bridal party dress in white, while she wore a pinkish peach dress.

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Bride’s pink dress goes viral on TikTok

The video begins by showing the females of the bridal party all covering their eyes, preparing for their first look of the bride.

“My wedding dress was a total secret up until the day of,” the text in the TikTok read.

Each member on screen looks flabbergasted when the bridge makes her debut, revealing a gorgeous peach and pink dress. The bridge smiles brightly, clearly ecstatic for her big day.

Not all TikTokers gave a positive reception to the video. Though the comments have since been deleted, and therefore are no longer visible, many users criticized the TikToker for going against traditions which have been set for countless years.

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Others stand up for the bride, telling her to pay no heed to the haters.

“Idk why people are being haters but I think it looks really beautiful,” one user commented.

“Thank you! I just woke up to all these negative messages, what’s wrong with people smh,” Camille Lescai, the creator of the video, replied.

“So the bride was color and maids wore white?! I LOVE that concept! So beautiful,” another TikToker wrote.

TikTok loves controversial events, and has become a platform where drama and conflict essentially equate to more viewership.