“Beautiful” TikTok goes viral as World Cup takes whole plane by storm mid-air

TikTok world cup airplaneTikTok: danielalacolombiana

In a viral TikTok, a user shared a beautiful moment where the everyone in the plane joined in on watching the World Cup, indicative of the Beautiful Game itself.

Watching television on airplanes is a great time killer, since the passengers are essentially forced to sit still for hours at a time. Typically, each passenger has different tastes, often resulting in everyone watching something different.

But in a viral TikTok uploaded on November 26, the people of the airplane came together to watch the World Cup in Qatar, resulting in a beautiful moment.

In the TikTok video, the person recording walks through the isles, peeping at the screens of the passengers. Almost every screen, excluding one, seems to be in sync, broadcasting the World Cup in Qatar.

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“It’s that time,” reads the TikTok video, as the creator walks through the isles.

The comments on the video are a mix of various languages, showcasing love and support for the World Cup and the TikTok video from various regions of the world.

“Imagine they score and the whole plane starts celebrating,” one user joked.

“The only reason why I wake up early when I don’t need to,” another added.

Considering plane wi-fi is known to be quite terrible, it’s impressive the airline managed to successfully stream the World Cup without a hitch — although it looks like they got a direct feed of some sort in the in-flight entertainment.

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There appears to be a single person who is not watching the World Cup, and is instead watching a movie: “That one sigma person watching a movie,” a TikTok user noted, amused by the lack of conformity.

However it does show the power of the Beautiful Game, who so typically unites the world.