The Last of Us game sales skyrocket amid success of HBO series

The last of us sales headerNaughty Dog

Thanks to the success of the newly released HBO adaption of the popular game series The Last of Us, gamers new and old are picking up copies of the nearly 10-year-old game, causing a major increase in sales for the beloved title.

The Last of Us has begun airing on HBO, with fans of the game – as well as general TV watchers – already falling in love with the characters, the world, and the cinematography. In Dexerto’s review of The Last of Us: Episode 1, we wrote that “this is the show you’ve been waiting for,” giving the pilot a 5/5 star review. 

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In light of the success of this new TV adaptation, it appears that people are jumping back on to their PlayStations and booting up both The Last of Us video games. Not only that, but thousands more are jumping in for the very first time as sales are skyrocketing.

The Last of Us back in the Top 20 for UK game sales

As first reported by Games, sales for the first game have skyrocketed lately. In the UK specifically, The Last of Us Part I has now climbed into the Top 20 games for the region, with sales increasing by a staggering 238% week-on-week. Similarly, the remastered PS4 version of the first game has seen a massive increase in sales with a 322% sales spike. 

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These numbers are impressive in their own right but even more so when one considers how The Last of Us is an almost 10-year-old game.

And while sales for the second game haven’t soared to these numbers just yet, we’ll be sure to keep you posted if the second title is given similar treatment. However, given the controversial nature of The Last of Us Part II, there is a chance that it is only the first game that players and new fans will dive into.

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