The Last of Us 2 voice actors drop exciting teaser: “You’re not ready”

Naughty Dog/Vice

The build up to the hugely anticipated The Last of Us 2 has been long, but maybe that’s a good thing as one of the voice actors has suggested that fans aren’t ready to see it just yet. 

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Troy Baker, who voices the main Last of Us protagonist Joel, shared the cryptic message at Manchester Comic-Con. “There is nothing about this game, nor the revealing thereof that has not been 100% carefully crafted and methodically curated,” Baker curiously shared. “All I can tell you is that as much as you’re clamoring for it, you’re not ready.”

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Strong words, Troy. Baker obviously knows a lot about The Last of Us 2 and certainly the storyline behind the game. His words show just how confident he is, that even despite lofty expectations, that the game will blow fans away.

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Even today, as of August 2019, we still don’t have a release date for TLOU 2. The original was released in June 2013, more than six years ago.

Its sequel was revealed at a PlayStation experience event in December 2016, which in itself is approaching three years ago. These time gaps mean there has been almost as much as time between The Last of Us being released and it sequel being revealed than between the latter and now.

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We did get a substantial gameplay trailer at E3 2018 which only amplified the hype. The video has been watched nearly 14 million times and liked 434 thousand times – showing just how popular the series is.

While far from confirmed, a 2019 release date had been expected within the games industry. However, as 2019 slowly ticks away a 2020 release looks to be increasingly likely.

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The Last of Us 2 could even release in late 2020, the same time as the PlayStation 5 is touted to be released. The game won’t be exclusive to the PS5 but the two releasing alongside each other may provide sales benefit to both the console and Naughty Dog’s game.

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