The Last of Us 2 leak hints at new trailer coming soon

Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog are set to reveal a whole host of new information about The Last of Us Part 2 in the near future, according to reports. 

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Many players of the highly popular zombie game might have expected to see the full game by now, after its first gameplay trailer was showcased at E3 2018, and there’s no doubt that the fanbase have become restless at a time where the developers have called for patience. 

However, it might not be too long before they are given a better understanding of what’s to come in the story’s next chapter. 

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Naughty DogThe original The Last of Us game was first released back in 2013, six years ago.
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There have been reports that have previously suggested that the title would be landing in early 2019, then leaks suggested it would be October, and now it appears that there are plans in place to finally give the people what they want – a release date that’s set in stone. 

According to unconfirmed information posted on 4Chan and NeoGaf, Sony will be using their next State of Play livestream, which will be held on November 1, to finally deliver the news. 

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Yet, the potential leak didn’t stop there. 

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“It seems that the development of the game is proceeding in a more than favorable manner within the SP studios”, a statement posted to 4Chan reads. 

“It has also encountered considerable delays at the same time, mainly due to greater work on the technical side of the software for textures and frame rates, to favor in particular the technical upgrade that will be given by the new hardware features of PS5.”

Screengrab from The Loot GamingOther apparent leaks have suggested that The Last of Us 2 release date would be October 2019.
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This would mean that the game could be given its final reveal in November, working towards a release date that may fall in line with the release schedule of the next console – PlayStation 5 – a possibility that many fans will have been slowly accepting over time. 

Sony doesn’t usually announce information regarding their State of Play livestreams until the event takes place and while this eventuality mentioned in the leak does sound possible, there’s no guarantees to suggest that the claims hold water.