The Last of Us developer reveals in-game tribute to his wife made it into HBO finale

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In the last episode of HBO’s The Last of Us, an easter egg from the game can be seen that has now been revealed by an ex-Naughty Dog developer as being a tribute to his wife put in the first game that somehow made the transition over to the live-action show.

The first season of HBO’s The Last of Us has officially ended, with the show now so popular that it overtook House of The Dragon’s viewership numbers. For fans of the game, the show featured a variety of Easter Eggs that eagle-eyed viewers would chat about and discuss days after each episode aired.

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However, the final episode of the show included an Easter Egg that fans of the game may not even have known existed in the first place. Peter Field, an ex-Naughty Dog developer who worked on the creation of the first The Last of Us game, revealed that the show kept in a small tribute he made for his wife when working on the first game.

Ex-Naughter Dog developer reveals in-game tribute to wife made it into the show

In the iconic scene where Joel and Ellie encounter a giraffe, a sign for a baseball field can be seen in the background, and the sporting location in question is called Bethany Clare Field. 

According to old Naughty Dog developer Peter Field, this little easter egg is one that he put into the game for his wife, with the game developer posting the moment from the HBO series on Twitter and expressing his delight at knowing it was kept in.

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“I’m still reeling from this. A silly  Easter Egg I put in the original #TheLastOfUs game has somehow survived the transition to live-action TV. It’s blurry but it’s definitely there!!!”

Peter Field then added, “I can’t imagine the HBO team knew the name of the baseball field was a tribute to my wife.” 

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