YouTuber uncovers how GPU sag could ruin your gaming PC: Here’s how to avoid it

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GPU sag could destroy your graphics card, as a technician and YouTuber KrisFix revealed in their latest video. Though a repair is possible, it’s recommended that you pick up a GPU sag bracket.

When installing a GPU into your PC, it’s always important to remember the essentials, remember to screw it into your case and ensure that it’s all seated properly. However, as graphics card sizes get larger with the advent of the RTX 40-series, they can be prone to sagging in their slot when traditionally mounted.

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YouTuber KrisFix, an electronics engineer and repair technician took in an RTX 2080 Ti, which was suffering from artefacting, and had the occasional black screen issue. What he uncovers over the course of the video is that the source of the issue appeared to be caused by GPU sag.

The bottom parts of the GDDR6 VRAM modules appeared to be slightly oxidized and corroded, while this in itself is unusual, they go on to say that the issue was caused due to the contacts becoming stressed by PCB flex due to the heavy nature of bigger graphics cards with more complex cooling solutions.

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KrisFix then demonstrated that the issue can be fixed by reflowing and resoldering the VRAM chips onto the PCB, in a largely arduous process and cannot be performed by anyone without the right tools and knowledge.

The YouTuber and technician then went on to state that people should be securing their GPUs in place to ensure there is little PCB flex. Not doing so could cause damage to your graphics card. Many GPU manufacturers including Zotac include a sag bracket for many of their larger graphics cards.

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It’s unclear whether or not a metal backplate could have helped mitigate the issue. However, you should have no problem with this issue if your GPU is mounted vertically.

Where to get a GPU sag bracket

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GPU sag brackets come in various different shapes and sizes. But, the end result is always the same. You can get sag brackets with fancy RGB, or just a plain one, too. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below.

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