YouTuber runs Genshin Impact at 13K resolution with RTX 4090

Genshin Impact 13k 4090Mihoyo / Nvidia

Using the power of an RTX 4090, one YouTuber has chosen to run Genshin Impact at an astonishingly-high 13K resolution using the RTX 4090.

YouTuber Golden Retriever has shown off their RTX 4090 by running Genshin Impact at an eye-watering resolution. They appear to be running the game using an ultrawide monitor and may have used some form of DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) in order to set the game to that resolution. Using DSR, they have enabled their monitor to run at a 13760 x 5760 resolution, with an additional 1.5x resolution scaler. This makes for around a 178-megapixel (yes, you heard that correctly) image.

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How well does it run at 13K?

The video showcases that there are several dips under 30 FPS, but the system manages to maintain it around that point. With all graphics settings maxed out, this is surely one of the more impressive technological feats that we’ve seen come from the advent of Nvidia’s cutting-edge 40-series graphics card.

Their system is fairly impressive, even though not every part of it is brand-new like the RTX 4090. The YouTuber is using an i7-10700KF, in addition to 64GB of Corsair DDR4-3200 RAM, as well as a Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD.

The 13k resolution roughly equates to an 8.5x increase in resolution compared to standard 4K. This is frankly, astonishingly high. While running at 30 FPS might not be ideal for some, we’d much prefer clicking that resolution down and getting a buttery-smooth 60 FPS or above. For a game that also runs on your smartphone, Genshin Impact appears to be incredibly scalable.

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The video goes further to show just how sharp the image quality is. Make no mistake, this is nearing print-worthy resolution. If you were running a monitor natively at that size, depending on the monitor, it’d look so high-res that your eyes wouldn’t be able to see individual pixels. Obviously, this changes depending on the PPI of that particular monitor. We’re still some way off of that point when it comes to monitor technology, however.

In our RTX 4090 reviews, we mention how the 4090 is actually almost too powerful for its own good. We’ll just have to wait for the ports to catch up with the silicon, in this case.

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