You can now get an RTX 3080 for under $500 at Best Buy

a 3080 on some coins

The RTX 3080 and a whole host of other GPUs from the last generation are now on clearance at Best Buy, with the star being the $420 price tag on an RTX 3080.

With the 40-series of Nvidia GPUs now well underway, it seems Best Buy is doing a massive clearance sale on the last generation of cards. While they’re mostly sold out online, there’s a big possibility that they’re available in your local area for click-and-collect orders.

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We’ve included all deals below, but we can’t promise that they’ll be in stock online. If not, be sure to check out your local Best Buy’s stock via their website to see if you can’t grab one in person.

Save up to $500 on GPUs at Best Buy

The RTX 3080 is the main head turner here, as the still fantastic graphics card is now down to $420 online, from its peak of $1500 during the height of cryptocurrency and scalping. Nvidia’s RTX 3080 is still a worthy purchase, especially at this price. For comparison, we still see 3080s on sale for $700+ on Newegg and Micro Center.

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However, you’ll have to be quick on this, as we mentioned above, they’re selling out fast.

Is the 3080 still worth it?

In short, absolutely. All your new, high-end games will play perfectly for years to come on a 3080.

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The upgraded jump between the 30-series and 40-series GPUs hasn’t been the massive leap people expected, outside of the supersampling options.

The only real drawback if you decide to go with the last generation 3080, or any of the other cards on sale, is that it’s not going to support DLSS 3.0.

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While this sounds like a major issue, it really isn’t, unless you wanted to see the new features. DLSS 2.0 is still a valid and very worthy contender for some of the best software available to improve your gaming.

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