Where to buy AMD Ryzen 7045HX Dragon Range laptops: Price & specs

AMD Ryzen 7000 laptops in front of the CPUAMD/Asus

Looking for where to buy the latest AMD Ryzen 7045HX laptops? We have got you covered with everything you need to know, including where to buy them.

AMD’s release schedule is manic. Not only have they just launched a new range of CPUs and Radeon 7000 graphics cards, but they have more on the horizon. Now, Team Red has given the green light for their partners to begin releasing their latest and greatest gaming laptop chips.

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AMD is launching the 7045HX series of chips first, which is a high-spec chip aimed at gamers and content creators. The architecture is pipped to excel at using programs like the Adobe Suite and other video editors. We’re getting the 7945HX first, which will then be followed by other lower-end chips throughout the year.

Despite looking a little confusing at first, the new Ryzen laptop CPUs follow similar branding to the last generation. The Dragon Range will be using the HX, while “Phoenix” will use HS and U.

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Further below this is for regular consumers. These will top out at Ryzen 7 and only use the U suffix among them. You’ll find these laptops outfitted with the Ryzen 7020, 7030, and 7035 chips.

Where to buy AMD Ryzen 7045HX laptops

AMD Ryzen 7000 laptops in front of the CPU, but it's blurryAMD/Asus

As of right now, only Asus has launched its laptops for sale. MSI has launched a lower tier device, the Lenovo Legion Pro 5. However, this comes with a Ryzen 7 7745HX rather than the Ryzen 9 found on Asus’ current laptops.

While it might sound like a limited selection, Asus has a lot of different variations available across stores right now.

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For the best chance at grabbing one, it seems that Newegg is quick off the mark with getting the laptops up onto its storefront, though you might have to dig into the third-party sellers to find something in stock.


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Ryzen 7045HX prices

The pricing on these laptops is wildly all over the place. We can’t find a base point right now, not until the rest of the manufacturers manage to get their own machines out. So far, the lowest price we’ve found is $1799. This nets you the top-end 7945HX, as well as an RTX 4060 laptop GPU.

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Asus currently takes the cake for the most expensive laptop we’ve seen in a long time. The 8TB SSD onboard will be the reason for this, with a grand total cost of $6089.

Of course, this will see you kitted out with a laptop version of the RTX 4090, too, which offers monstrous amounts of power considering the size.

We’re currently expecting laptops without any further premium frills to top out at $4000, with DDR5 and the new components inside raising the prices. These should see deep discounts towards Black Friday and the holiday season, as we saw with plenty of others in 2022.

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