Up to $150 slashed off Samsung SSDs for your PC and PS5

samsung 980

Samsung SSDs and NVMe drives (including ones for the PS5) are on sale right now, with up to $150 off all storage options. You can get some great bulk storage and super-fast NVMe drives for your PC as well. 

Storage is at this weird intersection where we all have to explain what an NVMe drive is to people that really, really shouldn’t be trying to fit one in their PlayStation 5. The thing is though, time marches on, well, here we are.

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NVMe drives can be a bit of pain, though handily Best Buy does indicate which ones are PS5 compatible. However, if you’re going into this brand new and just want more room for your other games after Call of Duty sucked up all your space, then you can’t really do better than the Samsung 980 Pro.

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This version features a heatsink, which is recommended by Sony. That means you won’t have to fit your own and that’s one extra thing off your mind. You’ll still need to fit the NVMe drive though, so just make sure you have a screwdriver around.

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Yes, that’s right: NVMe drives require being screwed in. There’s a reason Sony made it so hard for the average consumer to do this, it’s a faff.

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Don’t fret though, as once you’ve got it in, there’s not really much more you need to do other than boot up your PS5 and follow any instructions that pop up on the screen.

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In the PC market? PCIe 4.0 is backwards compatible with PCIe 3.0 motherboards, so if you want to make sure you’re future-proofed for your next purchase and tackle your operating system drive now, rather than tack it on with the rest of the ever-increasing prices of products. If you are on PCIe 4.0 already, the heatsink will keep this drive pretty cool while it does its magic.

Already filled up your slots for PCIe drives? Then you might want to consider the excellent bulk storage being offered in the deal with the internal SSDs. If you’re on a laptop, these aren’t anything to ignore, as you can easily slot them into an enclosure and use them as external drives too.

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The T5 and T7 external drives are some of the best on the market and grabbing one of these will ensure that anything put onto it will transfer or load incredibly quickly.

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