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Unbox Therapy explains why Xbox has a big advantage over PS5 already

Published: 11/Sep/2020 14:02

by Jacob Hale


Popular tech YouTuber Unbox Therapy has explained why he believes Xbox already has a big advantage over PlayStation 5 in the next-gen console wars.

The launch dates for both Xbox Series X and Series as, as well as the PlayStation 5, are growing ever closer. While Microsoft have already announced their November 10 for launch date for both iterations of the console, Sony are still keeping their cards close to their chest as far as both release date and price are concerned.


The Series S came as somewhat of a surprise to fans worldwide, especially coming in at an exceptionally low price of just $299 — far below what people were expecting to pay for a next-generation console.

The price has definitely turned some heads of PlayStation diehards, especially for those who don’t care much about console-exclusive games, and that’s exactly what Unbox Therapy (real name Lewis Hilsenteger) thinks Xbox has over PlayStation right now.

Xbox Series S
The Xbox Series S seriously impressed when it was unveiled in September for the first time.

In a YouTube video posted on September 11, Hilsenteger opens up two packages, one containing an Xbox Series X and the other a Series S. While both systems weren’t functional, used solely to showcase design and the size comparison between current- and next-gen consoles, he is clearly impressed by Xbox’s offering.


While showcasing how much smaller the Xbox Series S is, Lewis spoke a little on what Xbox is offering with the console, and is clearly impressed.

“Sony has their work cut out for them, because their schedule, or the rumour is at the moment, that they’re just going to put a PS5 and a PS5 Digital to compete with the Series X,” he said.

“But, they’re probably not going to have a next-generation play in the same price territory as this little guy [Series S]. That’s going to be interesting to see how the market responds. There’s a lot of cost-sensitivity right now, and I think this is going to be a bit of a win for Xbox to have a $299 option…”


Topic starts at 8:35

He then spoke about the fact Xbox is offering their consoles with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for as little as $24.99 a month, which is especially huge for those who don’t want to splash a big load of cash in one go and would prefer to spread the cost.

There’s no doubt that, from a pricing perspective, Xbox has generated a lot of interest with the Series S. The big question now is how PlayStation responds and, if they don’t have a budget option themselves, how do they convince players to spend more money on the PS5 than the Xbox Series S?