Top 50 crypto influencers on Twitter: Justin Sun, CZ Binance & more

top crypto influencers on TwitterTwitter/Crowdsense/Unsplash

Cryptocurrency has absolutely blown up in recent years, to the point now that there are plenty of top influencers to follow to find out which coins or tokens are worth investing in.

Beyond just Bitcoin and Ethereum, or meme coins like Doge, crypto enthusiasts are always looking for a coin or token that they can see flying up. This has even expanded to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), with collectors buying digital artwork for increasingly insane prices.

But who are the people helping drive crypto fans to new coins, assessing the numbers like a Wall Street stock market trader and finding the best places to invest?

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Twitter has a huge crypto userbase, and this report highlights the top crypto influencers on Twitter.

Top 50 Crypto influencers on Twitter

This study from Crowdsense calculates influencers’ following, engagement, and the amount they post to come up with a Crowdsense score.

These figures are accurate as of Q3 2021.

1. CZ Binance (Crowdsense score: 87)

CZ BinanceInstagram: changpengzhou
CZ Binance tops the crypto influencer list.

CZ is the CEO of Binance, perhaps the most influential crypto exchange in the world, so it’s no surprise to see him occupying the top spot here.

2. Justin Sun (Crowdsense score: 80)

Chinese billionaire Justin Sun is the CEO of BitTorrent and owner of Tron.

3. Gordo Crypto (Crowdsense score: 74)

Gordo Crypto is a self-defined crypto promoter with over 1 million followers on Twitter.

4. Michael Saylor (Crowdsense score: 71)

Michael Saylor is the president and CEO of MicroStrategy which now owns over 5,000 bitcoin.

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5. Rodrigo Heralzate (Crowdsense score: 70)

Rodrigo HeralzateInstagram: rodrigoheralzate
Rodrigo has over 2 million followers on Twitter alone.

Rodrigo Heralzate is a crypto enthusiast and BNB champion. Rodrigo holds over 2,000 BNB tokens (approx. $1.83m).

6. Charles Hoskinson (Crowdsense score: 66)

Hoskinson is the founder and leader of Cardano, one of the largest blockchain platforms in the world.

7. Taylor Musk (Crowdsense score: 65)

Taylor Musk is a well-known crypto investor and promoter.

8. EllioTrades ​​(Crowdsense score: 65)

EllioTrades is the founder of SuperFarmDao, which is a cross-chain platform to launch DEFI and NFT projects.

9. Jacob Stamp (Crowdsense score: 64)

Jacob Stamp is a DEFI expert, NFT Gaming pioneer, and crypto investor.

10. Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano (Crowdsense score: 62)

pomp crypto influencerYouTube: Anthony Pompliano
Pomp is a huge crypto influencer, with podcasts including the Best Business Show and the Pomp Podcast.

Pomp has invested over $200M in early-stage companies, with a firm belief in crypto and the blockchain. He has 1.1m followers on Twitter.

Here’s the rest of the top 50:

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Rank Influencer Crowdsense Score
11 PlanB 62
12 Luciano 62
13 Rachel Voss 62
14 Dan Held 62
15 CryptoBro 62
16 Tyler Winklevoss 61
17 Robert Dobbs 61
18 Juli Crypto 60
19 Beniamin Mincu 59
20 Peter Schiff 59
21 Lark Davis 59
22 Rekt Capital 59
23 XRP Bro 59
24 David Gokhshtein 58
25 Mario 58
26 TheCryptoDog 58
27 TheMoon 58
29 Crypto Explorer 58
30 Michaël van de Poppe 57
31 Anthony Scaramucci 57
32 Matt Wallace 57
33 Willy Woo 56
34 Will Clemente 56
35 Dan Gambardello 56
36 Alex Becker 56
37 Mia Crypto 55
38 Erik Voorhees 55
39 The Wolf of All Streets 55
40 Ash WSB 55
41 Benjamin Cowen 55
42 TRex Crypto 55
43 Johnny (cryptogodjohn) 55
44 Ran Neuner 54
45 Girl Gone Crypto 54
46 Pentosh1 54
47 Crypto Ape 54
48 Barby Crypto 54
49 Itsallrisky 54
50 Aleksandra Huk 54

One caveat is that Crowdsense opted to exclude the likes of Elon Musk and Mark Cuban in this list, as where their crypto influence starts and ends are “hard to understand.”

There are countless other celebrities and online influencers that regularly dabble in cryptocurrency, as evidenced by the Save the Kids scandal involving several FaZe Clan members, but this list highlights those who focus solely on the crypto space.

How many of them do you follow?