Will The Crew Motorfest be on Steam Deck?

steam deck with the crew motorfest art on itUbisoft, Valve

The Crew Motorfest is coming soon, but how will it run on the Steam Deck? We might already have some clear insight.

Are you raring to go around some tracks and take cars to the streets in The Crew Motorfest? What if you actually went out on the streets with The Crew Motorfest? The Steam Deck could be your key to the unreasonably priced car.

While the game isn’t out until September 11, we actually already know if the game is going to run on the Steam Deck. In a Reddit thread from a month ago, a user appears to be in the beta for the game and reports that it runs just fine.

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Does The Crew Motorfest run on Steam Deck?

plane flying in the crew motorfestUbisoft

If Ubisoft can hold back from breaking everything, it appears The Crew Motorfest will run just fine if you adjust the settings slightly. The user reports that changing the rendering settings down to 0.75 helped get to a playable framerate.

One of the major sticking points with Ubisoft games and the Steam Deck is that Ubisoft keeps updating its own launcher. This breaks compatibility with Proton, the translation layer for getting Windows games on Linux.

We assume once the game launches, FSR and any other supersampling options included in the game will also help with this. The added benefit of the Steam Deck is that you’ll have access to gyro controls, so you can pretend you really are behind a wheel. A very long wheel.

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The Crew Motorfest is Ubisoft’s third game in the franchise, and will be launching on just about any system – aside from the Nintendo Switch. However, those who want some portable driving action in their lives will find the Steam Deck, or one of its many competitors, a worthy replacement from the looks of things.

As mentioned above, The Crew Motorfest launches on September 11 and on PC, appears to be only available via official storefronts.

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