Steelseries wants to step up your game with 3D Aim Trainer acquisition

A render of the Aim Trainer on a grid background with the Steelseries and 3D Aim Trainer logosSteelseries

Steelseries adds 3D Aim trainer to its software repertoire, bolstering the entire Steelseries ecosystem, including Moments and Sonar.

Steelseries, known for its quality gaming peripherals has quietly been building out its software ecosystem over the past year. Now, it looks to bring the incredibly-popular 3D Aim Trainer to its ecosystem, helping gamers around the world step up their game, giving them the ability to give players a safe place to train their aiming skills in FPS titles.

Originally released in 2018, 3D Aim Trainer has amassed over 14 million users. It’s driven by a browser-based engine so you can start training your aim, no matter where you are. There are even settings available in 3D Aim Trainer which emulate the feeling of playing games like Fortnite, Valorant, and Apex Legends. This little bit of wizardry works well, and although we’ll probably never make it for professional esports players, it certainly is helpful to use a tool that could easily aid our aiming skills, though you’ll also need a pretty good gaming mouse to keep up with the best of the best.

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You can choose your training levels, which allow you to enter into an arena that can drill specific movements and inputs, so you can train your muscle memory to be perfect without having to even boot up the game. Firstly, you can take an assessment, which will measure your skills in-game, and then the tool will be able to tell you what parts you will need to train, in addition to giving you detailed personal statistics on what you could do better.

While it’s no replacement for a coach or raw hours put into a game, 3D Aim Trainer wants to be a companion that you use to hone your skills, and aided through an online leaderboard.

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In a press release, Steelseries clarified that their aim is to “keep building out the platform and continue in what makes 3D Aim Trainer so great”, so you’ll not have to worry about support being dropped, or the latest games suddenly not appearing on the platform to hone your skills on. With support from a huge brand like Steelseries, 3D Aim Trainer could easily hit new heights as a part of its enhanced software library.

This bolsters Steelseries’ burgeoning software ecosystem, which includes Steelseries Moments, Sonar and GG. They are also running a competition which you can learn more about here.

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