Steelseries announce ‘Arena’ speakers & new microphone

Steelseries Arena Speakers

Steelseries has announced its new range, Arena, a line of speakers – the first for the company – as well as an on-ear microphone.

The gaming headset extraordinaire, Steelseries, has begun to expand its range of audio devices with a new line of speakers, dubbed ‘Arena’. They’re being released in a similar fashion to their headsets, with 3, 7, and 9.

Arena 9

Each speaker has its own audience, with the Arena 3 being aimed at the budget-conscious consumer, while the Arena 9 is fully equipped with a full sub-woofer and range of speakers. Steelseries are claiming the Arena 9 to be the world’s ‘first USB 5.1 gaming speaker system’.

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Arena 7 fills the sweet spot between all in and too little, offering a 2.1 speaker setup, as well as the subwoofer.

The back of the subwoofer offers the in-out that you’ll need, including optical and AUX. Meanwhile, the speakers only seem to include a port for a headset.

Subwoofer Steelseries

As the speaker has multiple options for connectivity, including optical and Bluetooth, Steelseries are promoting that this can be used pretty much everywhere. However, they don’t list Xbox, but if a direct USB connection doesn’t work, a TV with a 3.5mm will do just fine.

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arena 3Steelseries Arena 3 speakers

While the 7 and 9 come with full surround sound options, the Arena 3 will cost $129.00 in the US, for two speakers that Steelseries claims will be able to create a full experience. This includes things like footsteps in games such as Call of Duty.

Arena Microphone

To go along with this new line of speakers, Steelseries is also releasing a 1/3 of a headset, with an on-ear microphone. The Arena Wireless Mic, aimed more at the Arena 7 and 9 users, is a supercardioid microphone. As it’s intended to be used with the speakers blaring in your face, it has noise-canceling capabilities to drown out that noise while you talk. In reality, you’ll be placing this microphone directly in front of you or it won’t pick up your voice properly.

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  •        Arena 3 Speaker System – US $129.99
  •        Arena 7 Speaker System – US $299.99
  •        Arena 9 Speaker System – US $549.99
  •        Arena Wireless Mic – US $99.99

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