SteelSeries announce Apex Pro Mini 60% keyboard in wired and wireless options

Steel Series Apex WirelessSteel Series

SteelSeries has announced a new 60% keyboard, the Apex Pro Mini. It comes in two versions, a wireless and wired, and fits straight into their hardware ecosystem.

The Apex Pro Mini is a new entry into the 60% keyboard market, offering its OmniPoint 2.0 technology. SteelSeries claim this gives the Apex Pro Mini 11 times faster response time, 10 times faster actuation on each button press and is supposedly two times more durable than the bigger iterations.

On top of this, the keycaps have been designed with double shot PBT, ensuring that they last as long as the switches do underneath.

Steel Series Wireless Apex Pro MiniSteelSeries
Don’t you just want to type all over it?

The 60% size on a keyboard cuts out the fat, leaving you with the function keys and your standard QWERTY layout. Anything else is relegated to the Fn key to alter the way they work. You’ll have more room to wiggle a mouse or do that thing that esports stars do and fling the mouse across the desk with impossibly low sensitivity.

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SteelSeries are splitting the Apex Pro Mini into two versions, those who want the more reliable wired version and a new wireless version. Outside of the connectivity options, SteelSeries is dubbing the wireless version as ‘Gaming Grade Wireless’, which they say will give you the same lag-free experience as a wired keyboard.

So much so, SteelSeries is focusing on its esports capabilities after FaZe Karrigan won a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major with the Apex Pro Mini Wireless.

Karrigan was able to beat the opposing team with the unlikely wireless keyboard, something that most esports and the general gaming population would rather never have to rely on in such a high-stakes game.

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The Apex Pro Mini Wireless and wired versions are on sale now directly from SteelSeries (and presumably other retailers later) at a starting MSRP of $179.99.