Sony shows off new PS VR2 features, including see-through mode and broadcasting

PSVR2 New Features

Sony’s next virtual reality headset, PS VR2, is set to include a bounty of new features and quality of life changes to make the VR experience much easier to setup and use.

On the PlayStation Blog today, Sony showed off some screenshots and information regarding the upcoming PlayStation VR2, with the company highlighting quality of life changes more than any concrete news on games coming for the platform.

The headset will now be able to use a ‘See-Through View’, utilizing the cameras on the headset to show off a black-and-white vision of your world so that you don’t have to rip the headset off every time you need to talk to someone, or find your controllers without bumping your legs.

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This will be accessed through PlayStation 5’s Control Center, or with a function button on the headset itself. Sony appears to be making massive moves in usability, as the original VR headset was not well adjusted for smaller or furnished spaces.

See Through mode PS VR2Sony

Alongside the See-Through View, Sony is also allowing people to adjust their playspace using the cameras and sensors on the device. This includes moving a virtual grid around things like tables, stools, and couches so that the system doesn’t include these when laying things out.

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If you get too close to the edge, much like other VR headsets, you’ll be given a warning when entering a no-go zone.

Room detection PSVR 2Sony

Sony is also aiming to take on the streaming market at the same time, offering users the ability to broadcast themselves at the same time as their game – as you see in plenty of VR streams – directly from the console with just the PS5 HD Camera. While an additional cost, it should make streaming directly to your chosen platform far easier in the future.

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The last two modes they detailed were VR Mode and Cinematic Mode, which will allow users to use the full 360-degree view while playing VR games. This will be at 4000×2040 (2000×2040 per eye) at either 90Hz or 120Hz.

Cinematic Mode appears to be more in line with things like the Oculus Quest 2 and Valve Index, wherein the player can eliminate the need for a screen and play or view their content directly inside the headset. Sony state this is for ‘non-VR and media content’ and will be displayed via a ‘virtual camera’.

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This mode will be limited to 1920×1080 HDR at 24 or 60, with a maximum of 120Hz for gaming.

Sony appears to be taking criticisms of their previous hardware entry and the entire VR industry to heart with this iteration, making sure to not leave any stone unturned in what they can do to help out the user in the end.

Development kits are already in the hands of developers, so more games should begin to be announced much sooner than expected in the future.

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To see all games announced, including Resident Evil 4 Remake and Village, be sure to look at the PS VR2 hub for all the latest information.