New Ryzen 7950X processor hits ludicrous speeds in leaked analysis

Ryzen 9 Ludicrous Speeds with the Spaceballs Plaid Background

HXL, a Weibo user, has posted a screenshot of benchmarks, with potential insight into just how fast the upcoming Ryzen 9 7950X flagship chip will run.

The upcoming Ryzen 7000 chips are on their way, with the live stream presenting them later today. Outside of issues with potential delays and even crashes on boot, it seems that the Zen 4 lineup of CPUs will be potent.

In a screenshot posted to both Twitter and Weibo, user HXL shared an image of CPU-Z, a program that lists your CPU’s specs. Outside of the already known information, like it being built on a 5nm process and codename, what’s most surprising is just how fast the upcoming 7950X can run.

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AMD Ryzen 9 7950X hits 5.85GHz boost clock

According to HXL, once you begin boosting the Ryzen 9 7950X from its base 4.5GHz frequency, you can achieve a phenomenal 5.85GHz. This puts it an entire 1 GHz ahead of its predecessor. However, HXL has said they’re not going to ‘ruin the party’ by posting all benchmarks early for the Ryzen 7950X.

It currently sets it ahead of the 5.8GHz that Intel’s Raptor Lake can hit.

The Ryzen 7950X will run at a maximum of 170W TDP, with AMD gunning to squeeze just about everything they can out of that ceiling. AMD’s method of doing it is laid out on HXL’s Weibo, with graphs that depict how the chip is built to provide an upgraded performance.

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Zen 4 chips will be split into different sections, with the Ryzen 7000 lineup getting two ‘Durango’ CCDs and each CCD gets eight ‘Persephone’ Zen 4 cores.

According to HXL’s analysis, the 7950X is set to keep its 16 cores, and 32 threads (albeit more powerful) and seems to be getting 16 of these Persephone cores.

A CCD is a combination of CCXs. CCX is the building block of your CPU, which will contain the cores and various levels of cache. These are then interwoven with ‘Infinity Fabric’ (essentially stuck onto the same die), bringing all the technology together.

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With potential delays, it seems that we might have to wait a little longer to really see what this top-end chip can do. According to leaks and other manufacturers, we’re expecting to see Zen 4 launch around September 15.