RTX 4070 price leaks suggest it’ll cost much more than initially expected

People sitting around a GPU which is not the RTX 4070Nvidia

Nvidia’s RTX 4070 price could be higher than originally thought, as recent leaks have showcased that the unannounced GPU could cost up to $749.99 at MSRP.

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 is almost upon us. Just this week, we had the potential release date of the RTX 4070 GPU leak, pointing towards a release in mid-April. Now, new leaks from sources at Moore’s Law is Dead suggests that Nvidia’s new RTX 40-series graphics card could be priced as high as $749.99. The leaker states “These [pieces of] information did from some of my sources that haven’t been wrong before” and continues to stress that he has indeed verified the validity of these leaks.

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Moore’s Law is Dead sources what appears to be a quote from someone working as an add-in board partner for Nvidia. They stated the following:

Nvidia notified us [AIB] that cards getting reviewed on April 12th can’t cost more than $749.99. They confirmed there’s a Founders too!

Cards getting reviewed on 4/13 or later can cost more, and we have plans for models at least up to $799.

There’s still time for Nvidia to adjust down pricing, but for now $749.99 is the plan…

Nvidia’s leaked RTX 4070 pricing stings

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When Nvidia announced the RTX 4070 Ti, they did so at a “suggested” MSRP of $799, and it appears that something similar is happening with the RTX 4070. Leaks from Videocardz suggest that “non-MSRP” pricing has a different embargo date, suggesting that there will be many cards in the market that blow past that suggested MSRP price, and into the same pricing tier as the RTX 4070 Ti.

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This would mean that actual RTX 4070 GPUs that are not Founders Edition, or reference-class cards may be priced at around $800. This is a significant jump when compared to the RTX 3070. We believed that Nvidia would price it at around $699 in order to match the pricing for the RTX 3080, though this appears to be incorrect. The biggest challenge for the RTX 4070 then, is to see the performance differences between the RTX 4070 and RTX 3080.

All of this information should be taken with a grain of salt, as the GPU has not yet been formally announced. Though, should it prove to be true, could be very bad news for mid-range gamers looking for a GPU that offers a good price-to-performance ratio like the previous-generation RTX 3070, which was on-par with the RTX 2080 Ti. This also opens up a window of opportunity for AMD to strike back with more competitively priced cards, too.

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We’ll just have to see what is officially announced when Nvidia officially announces the RTX 4070. We expect it to debut at Nvidia’s GTC conference on March 21, 2023.