Suppliers could be receiving RTX 40-series GPUs in less than a month

A pretend 40-series card in a warehouseDexerto

RTX 40-series graphics cards could be arriving at the first Chinese GPU suppliers in less than a month, according to the latest rumors.

It’s been a hot minute since we had any significant RTX 40-series graphics card news. With the apparent delay for the 4080 and 4070 GPUs pushing back all the way to 2023, it’s looking like the RTX 4090 will be the only next-gen card to release in 2022.

Manufacturing is bound to spin up soon if the RTX 4090 is going to hit the current rumored launch of October 2022. According to the latest reports from Russian YouTuber PRO Hi-Tech, some Chinese GPU suppliers are expected to receive the first batch of chips in less than a month.

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According to Videocardz, the video also states that the supplier expects the 40-series cards to be available in September. However, taking into account just how many things Nvidia has seemingly internally delayed, we’re holding our breath on that estimation.

We also do not know in what state the supplier has received the 40-series cards, it’s possible that they are just receiving the chips, and need to ensure that proper cards are manufactured for AIB partners, or they could already be fully-formed reference or custom cards.

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There’s just too much we don’t know about this particular one to say confidently that the 4090 will release in September, though we could still see an official announcement of the fabled flagship GPU.

Right now, it appears that all of the wheels are being greased to roll out the RTX 40-series cards, and as the cards come into production, there are bound to be further leaks and rumors pouring out about exactly what we can expect, including some reportedly stunning performance, at the cost of significant power draw.

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Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll report on the latest as soon as we get it.

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