Razer Restorify lets you offset carbon while you shop

Razer Restorify announcementRazer

Razer Restorify is a payment solution developed by Razer that lets you purchase your own carbon offsets at checkout, and was announced at COP27.

Razer, traditionally known around these parts for making excellent gaming mice, is keen on being green. That’s not just in its logo and brand, but in its brand-new Restorify mission, too. Razer Restorify was announced at COP27 as a payment solution that allows you to purchase and trace your own carbon offsets.

So, next time you buy a gaming mouse, you might be able to add a little bit extra so you can offset the emission that teh creation of the product would make. Restorify also uses Amazon’s AWS in order to be deployed in over 150 countries, across over 100,000 partners.

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How it works is that Razer Restorify allows you to fractionalize carbon credit, something that’s usually pretty difficult to do. By dividing it, you will be able to own your own carbon offsetting and even trace it all.

Razer as a business has been working towards becoming a net zero company by 2030. Restorify was a product of one of these essential goals that Razer has been trying to achieve, according to CEO Min-Liang Tan. “In our own journey to net zero, we have realized that there are growing pains and that not all carbon credits are equal. With Restorify, we hope our novel approach towards carbon credits will foster greater accountability and transparency within carbon offsetting.”

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How will it work?

Razer RestorifyRazer

When you check out when using a website that has Razer’s Restorify, you’ll be able to view the carbon footprint of the product you’re purchasing. Then, you’ll also be able to purchase additional carbon credit, with a certificate that details the amount of carbon emissions that have been offset by your purchase.

It’ll all be digitally recorded, too, so you’ll be able to track just how much carbon you have offset, too. When buying expensive electronics, it’s easy to forget about their impact. But, maybe with Razer Restorify rolling out to storefronts soon, we might just be able to make carbon offset purchases much more transparent.

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