Razer merch drop sets its sights on a brand-new market

Man jumping in razer gearRazer

Razer, a manufacturer of gaming peripherals is launching a line of ‘Atheleisure’ products for gamers with the ‘Instinct’ line of apparel.

Razer might be known for making some of the best gaming peripherals around, like the Deathadder V3 Pro, however, it’s got its sights now set on the Athleisure market, with a brand-new collection of apparel. We previously reported that Razer previously teamed up with BAPE for their own fashion line, but this drop seems to be made from the ground up by Razer themselves.

Sporting a tight, black fit with various products, including a tank top and duffel bag. Addie Tan, Associate Director of Business Development at Razer stated the following:

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“At Razer, we advocate a lifestyle that promotes physical and mental wellness, so we designed an athleisure line that features product styles for both female and male gamers. Since being active means being on the go, we are also introducing the Nomad Duffel Bag.”

It’s not all for show, as the apparel is adorned with black and green Razer-brand stylings. The apparel also has sweat-wicking tech baked into it for using it at a Gym, or if you have any particularly intense gaming sessions. It’s a strange one, but it’s clearly a forward-thinking approach. You have high-end peripherals, and the only way to hone your senses even further than the gear you use is to keep your body in good shape.

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It marks another instance in which Razer is clearly attempting to break beyond the bounds of their current market, as gaming and culture continue to fuse together. While you wouldn’t see the likes of Apple doing something similar, it’s still nice to see that Razer is thinking more about how it looks after its customers on the fringes and promoting fitness and activity over simply selling you yet another high-performance gaming peripheral.

When can you get the Razer Athleisure drop?

Razer bag with woman on journeyRazer

The Razer Athleisure Instinct collection will be available from today at Razer.com and in selected Razer Stores across the globe. But, since it’s all performance gear, it’s also priced as such, too. You can see everything in the collection below:

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  • Instinct Sports Bra: $79.99 USD
  • Instinct Tank Top: $59.99 USD
  • Instinct High-Rise Leggings: $79.99 USD
  • Instinct Tank: $59.99 USD
  • Instinct Tee: $59.99 USD
  • Instinct Shorts: $69.99 USD
  • Nomad Duffel Bag: $69.99 USD 

Sure, it might not be a fancy new mouse, but this gear might be useful for gamers wanting to stunt on their style while out and about.