Razer launch updated Ornata V3 and V3X ‘mecha-membrane’ keyboards

Razer OrnataRazer

Slithering out from amongst the bushes, the Razer Ornata V3 has been announced that brings a lower profile and mecha-membrane switches.

Yes, Razer is striking out with another keyboard and this time, it seems that they’re trying to work towards that new breed of work-from-home market. The one that once work is done, shuts down Slack and Trello, launches their game of choice and chills out for a bit. Enter the Razer Ornata V3.

The brief sales pitch on top of the website states that it will ‘enhance your work and play’, indicating that towards the rather understated, salaryman look that it has.

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Mecha membraneRazer
Clicky and squidgy? We’ll see.

Underneath, Razer has fitted this with mecha-membrane switches that have begun to seep their way into a vast majority of keyboards. Meant to emulate the feel of the bigger, heftier and more expensive mechanical keyboards that Razer also produce, these opt to still use a rubber dome that clicks.

This offers those who switch between work and play the functionality of a more traditional office keyboard in the day, one that doesn’t weigh heavy on fingers, or require much effort to type on. Then, once it’s time to game, the clicky-feel of the mecha-membrane offers a tactile feel while playing. It’s an interesting kind of positioning for the board,  which sits on the entry-level side of the gaming market.

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The Ornata V3 is compatible with all Razer Chroma RGB and the keycaps have been ‘UV-coated’ to prevent them from wearing out too quickly. It comes with a wrist rest that can be popped off with magnets. We think that this looks a bit odd and uncomfortable, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Razer Ornata low profileRazer
It’s looking mighty flat.

Razer has designed this to be low profile, which they claim will reduce strain on the wrists from reaching up onto the keys.

On top of this, the V3 will be joined by the V3X, a silent variation that is exactly the same but does not feature the mecha-membrane. It’s a more elaborate version of your typical office keyboard, really. Razer branching out into making more office-focussed peripherals must be an attempt to dig into some of the market share that the likes of Logitech have been inhabiting for so long.

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As for the price, it’ll come in at around $70 and offers a full wired keyboard. The V3 X comes in at $40 as it doesn’t feature the mecha-membrane switches.